Students reside in suite-style accommodations in McCarthy Residence Hall on the west side of campus. Suites are comprised of two double occupancy rooms that share an adjoining restroom space.

Ensuring students’ safety and well-being during their time on our campus is extremely important to us. As such, the following policies are in place to help us provide a comfortable living environment:

  • Gender separate living spaces, with males and females residing on separate floors.
  • Building exterior doors are locked 24/7 and are accessible only through University issued OneCards to participants currently residing in the facility.
  • A student to Resident Advisor ratio of 10:1 to ensure each student always has someone they can turn to for help, guidance or simply someone to talk to.
  • A live-in Program Coordinator to oversee residence life and ensure all program rules are upheld.
  • An on-location Public Safety department dedicated to creating and ensuring a safe environment for the Loyola Marymount University community.

In addition, students are expected to abide by a nightly curfew and a no-guests policy. For more information on Housing policies, please see our FAQ page.