Pre-College Academics

Pre-College Academics

Student reads from his computer at Loyola Marymount University.

Academic pre-college courses provide a concentrated, hands-on experience that combines lectures, field trips, and small-group discussions designed to challenge students’ critical and creative ways of thinking. While sessions are non-credit bearing, students are expected to maintain an independent work ethic that will allow them to complete a workload similar to that of any other undergraduate level class.

No matter the course, a summer spent on the bluff will provide students with:

  • A continued passion in their chosen subject of study

  • A sense of purpose and drive

  • A developed sense of imagination and artistic expression

  • A developed ability to think ethically

  • Confidence in their efforts toward the college admissions process

  • A deeper appreciation for personal strengths and leadership capabilities

  • An understanding of what it means to be men and women for others

  • Once-in-a-lifetime memories and lasting friendships