Summer Admission

Summer Admission

Two students pose for a picture at Loyola Marymount University.

Summer Programs is looking for bright, talented and ambitious applicants who are current freshman, sophomores or juniors in high school. If you are a current senior in high school (graduating in spring 2018) and wish to participate in LMU Summer Programs in summer 2018, please contact our office at before applying.

Admission decisions are based on a combination of factors including a candidate’s writing ability. We do not have a minimum GPA requirement, but admission is selective.

In addition to academic accomplishments, we are looking for well-rounded students who demonstrate potential and maturity. Remember, being away from home – and away from parents – comes with a lot of first-time responsibilities. From doing your own laundry to managing appropriate hours for study and sleep, a pre-college experience is one best suited for students responsible enough to handle this exciting, but sometimes challenging, experience. 

2018 Application Requirements