Intro to Photojournalism

Intro to Photojournalism


This course is designed to introduce students to the practice, ethics and technique of documentary photography and photojournalism. Students will learn how to tell compelling, complex and complete stories visually, using compositions and approaches to image-making that engage media consumers. 

Students will find photo subjects during excursions in the Los Angeles area.

Participants will learn the differences between photojournalism and documentary, as well as understand the impact and uses of various platforms such as social media, broadcast, online news media, magazines and newspapers.

This course encourages deep analysis of the images we make and consume, seeking to improve students’ visual media literacy alongside teaching the skills of photojournalistic production. Students will complete a longform photo essay over the course of the class with accompanying writing and will finish the course with a portfolio of single images.

  • Los Angeles Area Excursion

    In addition to classroom lectures, guest photographers and in-class photo exercises, students will venture into the colorful and charismatic landscape of Los Angeles to find photo subjects. Students will also experience LA’s rich photography offerings via visits to Annenberg Space for Photography and similar museum exhibits.

  • Program Outcomes
    • Develop a foundational understanding to telling stories visually
    • Learn to analyze visual media and recognize an ethical approach to photojournalism
    • Explore how images can produce or reiterate particular ideas about people and places
  • Tuition and Fees

    Application Fee: $60

    2019 Program Cost: $4,400*

    The program cost includes:

    • Tuition for two-week, non-credit course
    • Housing for 2 weeks
    • All meals
    • Course materials
    • Use of campus recreation facilities
    • Class field trips
    • A trip to Universal Studios
    • An additional weekend day trip off campus

    The cost does not include transportation to and from the program itself, personal spending money, or other incidentals.

    For additional information about program tuition and fees and payment options, please visit our Fees Page.

    *Summer 2020 costs will be available beginning in October

Applications for Summer 2020 will be available beginning November 15.