Pre-College Academics


Summer Programs is looking for bright, talented and ambitious applicants who are current freshman, sophomores or juniors in high school. Admission is selective and decisions are based on a combination of factors including a candidate’s academic history and writing ability.

In addition to academic accomplishments, we are looking for well-rounded students who demonstrate potential and maturity. An academic pre-college program is one best suited for students responsible enough to handle this exciting, but sometimes challenging, experience. 


No matter the course, a summer spent on the bluff will provide students with:

  • A continued passion in their chosen subject of study

  • A sense of purpose and drive

  • A developed sense of imagination and artistic expression

  • A developed ability to think ethically

  • Confidence in their efforts toward the college admissions process

  • A deeper appreciation for personal strengths and leadership capabilities

  • An understanding of what it means to be men and women for others

  • Once-in-a-lifetime memories and lasting friendships

Take the Next Step

We welcome any additional questions you may have as you explore your summer plans for 2021.