Tuition and Fees

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Students are held responsible for adhering to published deadlines and assume full responsibility for the accuracy of their registration and for incurred tuition and fees. The University does not drop students from courses for non-attendance or missed deadlines. Students are advised to consult the Refund Percentage Period.

Tuition rates are applicable for Degree track and Credential Programs. Other Fees may exist that are not listed within each summary. Fees are subject to change without notice. Generally, fees are indicated based on enrolled status, please consult the University Catalog or Graduate Bulletin for details. The University reserves the right to change, delete or add to this pricing schedule as deemed appropriate. Please note, the rate at which students are assessed tuition and fees is determined by their student classification (i.e. Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Baccalaureate, Doctoral).

For the full breakdown of tuition and fee information, please visit LMU Student Accounts.

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