Eligibility Requirements

Sacred Heart Chapel.

LMU welcomes undergraduate students from other institutions who wish to take summer courses. Course descriptions and requirements are found in the University Bulletin.

Visiting Undergraduate Students:

  • If you are attending another college or university and you wish to register for a course which has a pre-requisite or some other restriction, you should submit with your application a copy of a transcript (unofficial is allowed) verifying that you qualify to take the course. You may not be registered in a restricted course without proof of having fulfilled the requirement.

High School Students:

  • A student who has completed the 11th grade with at least a B+ (3.3) GPA may take summer classes at LMU. If you wish to register for a course with a restriction, the Office will evaluate your high school record in light of the prerequisites of the course and inform you if the registration is allowed.

Requests for Math Courses:

  • Any student wishing to be enrolled in a math course but who has taken the prerequisite at the high school level must first take the Math Placement Exam. To schedule a math exam, please contact our office at summer@lmu.edu and we will assist you in connecting with the appropriate faculty member. If you have taken the Math prerequisite course at the college level, no placement test is required. Please provide the appropriate transcript to show you qualify for the course.

Discover Summer with LMU

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know us and learning what makes Loyola Marymount University an exceptional place to help you get ahead this summer. We welcome any additional questions you may have as you explore your summer plans for 2024. 

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