Political Science

Summer 2024

Session Dates: July 14 - July 27, 2024

Location: On-Campus

Exploring important issues surrounding the politics of identity.

Projections show that the United States is quickly becoming a minority-majority nation. U.S. Census data suggests that by 2044, over half of the population will be non-white. Given these projections, it is important that we understand how different groups interact with one another socially and politically.

Academic research often focuses on white-minority relations, yet given future demographics, it is of growing importance to understand intra-minority relations. We will begin by focusing on the important issues and topics that different groups encounter in the US. After grounding the groups in their individual contexts, we will take on various political issues to determine how they work together (or against each other). 

The will focus on race, gender, class, and other aspects of our identities that intersect in unique ways to influence our political preferences. During this course, we will examine how these intersecting identities affect political behavior. 

  • Our Political Science programs are residential in nature, taking place on LMU's Los Angeles-area campus. There are no commuter options at this time - all participants are required to live on campus for the duration of their program.

  • In addition to their work in the classroom, students will visit a local museum to view an exhibit related to course content.

    • Gain an important understanding of the social and political interactions between different groups in the United States
    • Assess and analyze key works of scholarship and apply critical reasoning to contemporary debates
    • Engage in mature reflection and active political discussion 
  • Application Fee: $65

    2024 Program Cost: $5,800

    The program cost includes:

    • Tuition for two-week, non-credit course
    • Housing and meals for two weeks
    • Course materials
    • Use of campus recreation facilities
    • Class field trips
    • Two weekend social trips off campus

    For additional information about program tuition and fees and payment options, please visit our Fees Page


  • This class is open to rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.


    • Online Application
    • Personal Essay: Read the Prompt Now
    • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor
    • High School Transcripts
    • $65 Application Fee
    • TOEFL Scores (for International applicants whose primary language is not English)



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