Current LMU Undergraduates

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Current LMU students do not need to submit an additional application to register for courses during the summer. If you are a current LMU student, please login to PROWL using your MyLMU credentials to register for summer session classes. 

Which Courses May I Take?

View the LMU Schedule of Classes in PROWL for a full listing of courses for current terms, including meeting dates and times, prerequisites, and current enrollment.  

  • Students may take a maximum of eight units in any one session.
  • If you have questions about specific course content, contact the course instructor or department offering the course directly.

Additional Academic & Financial Information

  • LMU Students taking courses in the summer are subject to the same academic policies regarding course prerequisites, grading options, extension of work, etc. as any other LMU semester. Please refer to Loyola Marymount University’s Academic Policies and Student Conduct Code.
  • Refunds for summer courses follow the refund policy established through LMU's Office of Student Financial Services
  • Current LMU students can apply for summer financial aid through LMU's Financial Aid Office


How to Register in PROWL

The Personal Records Online Web Link (PROWL) is a secure web-based, self-service student records solution which the LMU Community uses to register for classes, access academic records, registration information, student accounts, and other University services.

PROWL accounts are life-accounts and are never deactivated. Alumni and former students may request transcripts, view records, and maintain correct contact information after leaving LMU.

For current LMU students (including Return from Leave):

Registration begins on or after the appointed time found in PROWL (Student Services > Registration > Check Your Registration Status). Appointments are based on the number of earned hours and exclude those In Progress.

 To access PROWL from MYLMU:

  • Login to MYLMU
  • Select Academics from the top menu
  • Select PROWL