Students reside in pod-style accommodations in LMU's brand new Palm South Residence Hall located in the campus's East Quad. Pods are comprised of up to 14-16 students and three resident advisors. Students are housed two to a room and each pod shares a large, multi-person restroom along with a study room and common space.

Ensuring students’ safety and well-being during their time on our campus is extremely important to us. As such, the following policies are in place to help us provide a comfortable living environment:

  • Gender separate living spaces, with males and females residing in separate card-access only pods.
  • Building exterior doors are locked 24/7 and are accessible only through University issued Program Access Cards to participants currently residing in the facility.
  • A student to Resident Advisor ratio of 10:1 to ensure each student always has someone they can turn to for help, guidance or simply someone to talk to.
  • Two live-in Residential Coordinators to oversee residence life and ensure all program rules are upheld.
  • An on-location Public Safety department dedicated to creating and ensuring a safe environment for the Loyola Marymount University community.

In addition, students are expected to abide by a nightly curfew and a no-guests policy. For more information on Housing policies, please see our FAQ page.